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who is clee?

it seems like my focus right now is this: to give permission to be and feel all that you are: in all your brilliance, magic, shame, sadness, chaos, genius, love, kindness, manipulation, guilt, generosity and every other part of you.

I do this because I know it will give you everything you want:  confidence, healthy relationships, peace, presence, joy, freedom, love, truth, success. 

and I also do this because I was depressed, anxious and suicidal; and I got out of it. aaand when I got out of that, I was ashamed, burnt out and pretending to be someone I wasn't as a life coach.

so I left the world of mindset and personal+self development and turned towards non-duality spirituality and emotional release work. during this time, my stress levels are 90% lower, my relationships feel easy (even in the hard moments) and life so much more fun. I


the 3 biggest shifts in me have been:


1. I love spending time alone

2. I can hear and trust my intuition more than my mind

3.I'm experience a deeper peace much of the time, in a way I didn't know possible

and i honestly don't think this way of experiencing life has to be special.


i would love live in a world where we can all live from love, truth and peace - AND still live in 'the real world' of paying rent, buying groceries, raising healthy, happy kids, running a business, being in healthy relationships and all the other extremely human parts of life. 

ultimately, I am here to remind you who you really are. to remind you of your power. and that you don't need to source this power anywhere outside of yourself.


you are the love you've been searching for, the safety you've been seeking, and the abundance you've been working your ass of for

sounds woo-woo AF. but guess what - the world is changing. and the energy world IS the real world, as much and perhaps if not more than the physical material world.

this is what I do - bringing you from the old paradigm to the new one. and it all starts with your inner world. your emotions, thoughts and sensations.

i love my work, and i love you. i mean it. because really, what else is there to do if not love each other?

a few other things about me:

- i grew up in Oxford, England, went to University in Bristol and moved to London at 24 y/o where i spent 6 years deep in personal development work.

- i currently live in Nashville, TN in the US with my husband, Sebastian. 

- my husband was my client for 2 years before we met (this is a whooole story, i'll make a YouTube video on it some day)

- i LOVE to dance, and will dance at every opportunity i get - including the grocery store, doctors office and airport.

- my favourite foods are english chips (not fries), and cucumber with ketchup. 

- i don't get the obsession with peanut butter and chocolate. it's gross.

- at secondary school, my class voted me most opinionated. i'm not sure how i feel about this, still haha

- i drank Ayahuasca in Costa Rica in 2021 and it changed my life.

- i don't believe in right and wrong.

- i was brought up an atheist. now I don't believe in God, I know God. i'm not religious, i just experience God / Life / Universe / Source Energy every moment of everyday. it's hard to deny the existence of life.

- i really want to be a Mumma. i'm excited, terrified and feel a deep yearning to make it happen NOW. i trust it'll happen for us at the right time, but both me and Baby Girl are already impatient. we're waiting for Daddy to be ready haha

- i want a golden cavapoo like Stevie.

- i was addicted to relationships and thought i was the best at them - i wasn't, i was just deeply co-dependent. now i'm mostly not-codependent, but i do spend most of my time with my husband. 

- i had very long blonde hair until i cut it off at 29 y/o. it had become a vital part of my identity, and i was literally shaking in the chair as it was cut off. i was afraid my Mum wouldn't love me anymore. when she saw it for the first time she freaked out for 15 mins, then told me it suited me. lol

- i love tea. especially gingerbread chai from Bird and Blend

- i twiddle my ears and my loved ones ears when i'm tired, scared or feeling vulnerable (no its not a sex thing)

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