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You are a truth seeker. And you're ready to stop suffering, everyday.

Chances are, you've suffered. You've been trying to work out life for a while, but the deeper you go down the mindset and personal development rabbit hole, the more difficult it seems to get.

Maybe you've dabbled or dived in to spirituality and understanding the universal laws and truths.

I bet you've even been exploring the magic of manifestation, conscious creation and the law of attraction! Been watching a ton of Abraham Hicks, Neville Goddard and Dr Joe Dispenza.

Maybe even read The Power of Now, been to satsangs for years and been following teachers like Papaji, Ram Dass, Mooji and the other greats.

And, although all of this is cool, has helped you along the way, and sure it kinda works... you're still feeling... lost...

You still feel as though there must be something you're not getting...


This was me only 2 years ago.

Heartbroken, broke... and a life coach who was teaching self love. Ha!

I was doing what I was told by these teachers, but some how it never worked,

And to be honest, I wasn't able to be consistent like I was told I should be.

I couldn't make myself DO the stuff I was told to do all the time, then I'd blame myself, shame myself... and I felt lonelier and lonelier...

Until I met my friend, Pavi. She showed me some videos with a man called Rupert Spira, who talked about Non-Duality. 10 months later, I was working with her spiritual teacher who I've been working with ever since.

Now, I am calm, relaxed and peaceful.

I am present for much of my day (I'm not perfect just yet ;)

I don't take things so personally.

I don't suffer with my emotions

And I know exactly how to process my emotions.


How to stop suffering, for good.

How to stop self doubt

How to stop listening to the negative thoughts

How to trust yourself

How to feel your worthiness

How to move though difficult emotions without avoiding

How to stop being the victim / hero

How to stop people pleasing

How to be present, here, in your body, right now.

If you're ready to go beyond the mind, and embody what you know and finally be free, book your call.

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