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what people are saying about working with me

some beautiful and inspiring words from an array of clients i have worked with.


some are more recent, some are from private clients, some from business programs i worked in, some from clients i worked with more years back.



Freelance Chef

Working with Clee has been significant, worthwhile, eye opening, heart opening and something I would recommend to anyone who is looking to and willing to make a positive change.

I was struggling with anxiety, and an inability to process and understand certain behaviours and feelings I was experiencing.

Clee helped me realign my priorities in life, helping into a far better position to assess, work through and consider my emotions and feelings.

I have learnt to listen and address my self-talk through. I feel like every day my increased awareness of myself and my thoughts makes the path ahead on this journey of self-awareness not only clearer but also more compelling.


Doctor and Health Coach

As soon as I spoke to Clee I instantly felt like she ‘got me’. Since working together, she opened doors that scared me, in my own time and space, and challenged my thinking like no one has before, powerfully yet non-judgementally.

I have become kinder, more accepting and less judgemental towards myself, and consequently, towards others. Her positivity and unique outlook on life has really inspired me to want to live my best life for ME. For the first time in a long time, or maybe ever, I am really excited for life, despite the many unknowns.

Portrait of Smiling Woman


Trainee Solicitor

Clee’s compassion and support from the outset was extraordinary. I was feeling lost, unable to express my emotions, unable to ‘feel’, connect and living in the past. Clee helped me achieve my goals, obstacles, gave me an entirely new perspective on life. I was able to ‘feel’ life again. From our very first session, I knew that this was a journey I had to take in order to grow and become the person I wanted to be in life. Yes, I was ready for it, yes I was willing to do the work, but Clee’s guidance, insights, work attitude and her passion to help her clients along with her beaming personality really pushed me to be committed and go the extra mile to get the life I knew I deserved.

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