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east nashville meditation + spiritual support group

find out who we are, what we do, practical details + how to attend, join our telegram group and more


who are we?

we are a group of self-explorers, truth seekers and heart+mind open nashvillians who meet to explore our selves, to be seen by others and to sit in meditation together

if it feels right, we'd love for you to join us! 


we started in feb 2022 as purely a meditation group, but it quickly became a place where we shared our struggles, our vulnerabilities, our wins and our loves as well. so we added 'spiritual support group', because this is how it feels. 

we have flavours of Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Ram Dass, Rupert Spira, A Course in Miracles/Love, Jeff Foster, non-duality thoughts and more…

we also explore the nature of our inner world - our emotions and thoughts, our relationship to them, rejection of them and how that manifests into a self-rejection that causes our perpetual suffering. oh, and we explore and practice ways to end the cycles of suffering, thought-identification and self-rejection - basically, how to stop feeling low-key constantly not-ok and to start feeling content and ok with whatever is going on in your life.


what do we do?


first, we sit in a circle and check in with each other.

nothing fancy, just "hey, how is everyone?" sometimes everyone shares, sometimes a couple, sometimes it gets deep, sometimes we're all high vibe and laughing hysterically. no pressure. just come as you are. 

then, we meditate.

usually i guide a meditation. sometimes there is more guided nature: intentional breathing, noticing thoughts, exploring what it feels like to be in the body.

sometimes its silent, and you can explore your inner world in peace (or not! depending on how you are that day)

and sometimes we have Jason lead us with a sound bowl experience, which is a beautiful way to get present, without words

the meditations are always intuitively led, based on who is present on that day, the experience level and energy of the people in the room. no matter if you're new to meditation or been at it for 20 years, chances are, you'll get what is right for you :)


we talk deep spiritual paradoxes that make no sense and all the sense

we share our joys, our growth, our hopes and dreams

we hold space for each other in the lows and the highs

we lovingly challenge, if welcomed

we aspire and work to be a safe space for every person present

sometimes it’s full of laugher

sometimes there are some tears and vulnerable shares

we are real humans, looking to connect, to be validated, to be loved no matter what we're feeling or what we've done. 

yes, we're spiritual, but that doesn't stop our very humanness. the ego that comes to play and protect us, is very welcome. we welcome ALL of you.

sometimes we play in the esoteric, sometimes in the practical nature of what it means to be human. often we are working out how the hell to bring both together!

we are normal people on ‘the pathless path’ who meet, explore the vastness of truth, human and spiritual experience, and be quietly looking inwards (aka meditate) together.


and we’d truly love to meet you 


day: Tuesdays

time: 6:30pm - 8ish

location: Eastwood Deli (next to Jeni’s), Eastland Ave

$$$ donation based - absolutely no pressure here, we have no costs right now, as our location is kindly offered to us without cost. we want to be accessible, too. and, if you would like or have a particularly impactful evening and want to express an energy exchange, it is received with love and gratitude. 



wanna try us? just show up! let me know if you're coming so we can get you a chair  - just drop me an email at

once you've spent an evening with us, feel free to join our telegram group to be reminded about our evenings, keep updated, chat more spiritual musing and sharing our favourite practitioners, local events etc 

join here:


bonus events!

we're beginning to venture out into hanging out outside of tuesday evenings! sometimes we meet before hand for dinner, sometimes afterwards for jeni's ice cream. and we're starting to go for weekend walks and lunch too. 


essentially a full day of what we do on Tuesday evenings! but with some extra's:

-meditation (obvs)

- yoga

- sound bowls

- walking in nature

- dancing and playing music together round a campfire


nothing fancy, just being together - with each other and ourselves.

if you'd like to come or have questions, email me at 


with love and warmth, i hope to see you one tuesday evening soon x


what do we do?
who we are?
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