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let's meditate together

to be honest, I don't like 'meditation'

I don't like the pressure of sitting, eyes closed, forcing myself to feel peaceful or calm or relaxed.

honestly, that's never worked for me, so I don't do it.

what I do like, is getting quiet, closing my eyes, gently settling into my body, noticing how i feel, how fast or busy my thoughts are, what my breathing is like... and giving myself what i need in that moment...

and then doing that.

that is how I "meditate"



and we all know meditation is good for us, but how many of us do it consistently? 
we say we want to do it, but life gets busy

and honestly, meditation can feel hard, for a multitude of reasons

- no time

- don't know how

- no accountability

- gets boring

- is confronting to face your chaotic mind and emotion filled body (this is my reason to avoid!)

no wonder we don't stick to it :)

I felt this too, and created what I would have loved: a low cost, easily accessible meditation group that keeps you accountable with someone like you, who wants to practice being with yourself, even if its hard.

here's what's beautiful:

you show up, i do 'the work' and guide you, you just gotta be present and aware...



you can't 😂

I don't currently have an active zoom group, as I am moving through a season of deep internal uncovering, healing, opening. however, it like this is bubbling up in me, in gestation, and will be opening up in spring/summer 2023. 

if you'd like to be informed of this, drop me an email at saying "tell me about meditation group 2023!" and a nice emoji and I'll make sure to let you know

until then, take a  d e e e e e e e e p  breath, and take care of yourself x

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