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dear friend, whilst you might be interested or ready to work with me - i am not working currently!


but hope to be feeling ready soon. i am waiting for the natural desire to arise, and when it does, i will update this site and my social media


with that being said - i appreciate you and the fact you found yourself here on this page. you and your journey is important to me! so with that in mind, if you feel you'd love to work with me, please do reach out to me by email and i'll add you to a wait list and will get back to you when the 'readiness' flows in again.


i was working with a few kinds of people before... and so i'm leaving this page with this information here because whilst i wrote this months ago, i only published it to this website recently and it feels good to have it out in the world!

to find out what i am doing right now, and what might be coming and how i may be able to support you in 2023, take a look here... see what is bubbling up in me right now.

pre 2023 offerings

are you...?

🧘🏼‍♀️ a truth seeker who is fed up with suffering with anxiety, done with mindset work + personal development, and who is willing to do whatever it takes to find your own peace.

that's me!

🏆 a top entrepreneur or professional who has 'everything' but something is missing - fed up with the highs and lows and want to find a way to enjoy life, truly.

that's me!

🌪 a twenty-something who feels misunderstood, underestimated and needs help navigating this strange time, so you can bring your brilliance to the new world thats being created.

that's me!

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