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how can we work together?

no matter who you are, i am not coaching currently, and i don't know if i will be again!


if something arises in me to begin working with people again, i will update this site and my social media.

i don't know what will arise, but i do know that i have some projects and ideas bubbling up:

- a show on a YouTube channel / podcast

- a group zoom subscription / membership / community

- ad hoc meditation on zoom (and weekly in Nashville - this is already happening, see east nashville meditation.)

- a practical spiritual retreat for those of us ‘waking up’, who want to clear old stuff (beliefs and emotions), and explore how to do this, in open, raw, real conversations in beautiful places with open hearts, open minds and open arms - or as open as you are. maybe with music, dance and play around a campfire


...they’re brewing, it’s just not their time yet.

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