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Life Coach, Speaker, Hugger, Tea Lover, Flower Sniffer + Truth Seeker

Hiya, I'm Clee! I love many things, but mostly I love to love ❤️ And laugh! And frolic in the ocean. And run by the river. And climb trees in the rain. And twiddle my boyfriend's ears. And drink tea. A lot of tea.

I'm a Certified Life and Transformation Coach with a massive heart <3 and an bloody obsession with making sure women feel like the important, loved, worthy beings we are, from the inside out! I spent most of my life deeply depressed and anxious. People pleasing like it was a hobby. Never knowing what I wanted. Always looking for ways to feel better somehow. Yet always feeling like I should be *more*... more pretty, more smart, more accomplished, more skinny, more in control...

I learnt, first in my head and then my heart, that this was absolute bullsh*t! I turned my life around (ok its not as easy as that, but it is simple!) and now I have the tools, expertise and insight into the HOW, it is my duty to share it with whoever needs it. Which might just be you, lovely :)

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