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If you're looking for

freedom and fulfilment,

you're in the right place.

from my experience in this life so far, it seems to me we all want the same things. we might call it different names, but it's all pointing to the same thing:

- peace

- freedom

- joy

- success

- love

- basically, to stop suffering, to feel good and enjoy life.

I did the traditional mindset work, but it only got me so far. so I turned to practical spirituality (non-duality and emotional release work) and found more than just answers. I found peace, freedom, joy and a life way beyond my imagination (quite literally).

i love to share these tools and wisdoms. currently the only capacity i am currently doing this is an in person weekly meditation group in East Nashville, TN.

as well as sharing my current journey of emotional release and non-duality.

to find out what else is bubbling up inside me ready to be birthed in 2023, take a look here.


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